Important Meetings This Week

Dear Families,

We are almost there. This is our last week of school, and you have been a huge part of your child’s success. Others will probably never know how much you have given these past months, how hard it has been, and what an impact you have had on your child’s learning. But you have made all the difference. Thank you, and it has been an honor to co-teach with you.
We have some important meetings coming up this week.  Below is a schedule of our meetings. Please notice especially:

Thursday’s 1:30 meeting with representatives from the Junior High

Friday’s 1:30 closing meeting with our classroom slideshow

Even if your child has been doing work without going online, I urge you to consider having your child join us online for these meetings. They might offer important chances to have a sense of closure and look ahead. We would love to see your student, think about the future, and say good-bye.

Schedule of Meetings Week of 6.1

You also received an email with our list of assignments for the week. As always, know that I am here to help, and please continue to keep in touch with me.

Have a good week,

Ms. Jeni

Surveys – Important!

Hello! Just a reminder about three important surveys:

This one is for students.  They need to do it by tomorrow – it has been on our online classroom and the school website for several days.

  1. Junior High: This survey allows them to say the courses they want to take at the junior high.  If they don’t do the survey, they will be assigned to the classes that are left over. Please remind your student to do it!  Here is the link:

Survey – Junior High

2. Parent Survey: Tell us your thoughts about this online distance learning! The district really values your thoughts and feedback! You know best how this time went for you and your student. Please help us by giving us your feedback. Here is the link:

Parent Survey about Online Learning

3. Student Survey: We want to know how distance learning went, from your students’ perspective. His or her input is very helpful, too! Here is the link:

Student Survey about Online Learning

Your student may have done these already, but please check with him or her.  And please do the parent survey, too! We need your feedback. Thank you so much.

“Good Job” – sharing some gratitude

Dear Families,

At this difficult time, I wanted to share this message of gratitude and appreciation with you.

The students will hear it in tomorrow’s morning meeting, but I wanted you to hear it, too.

Rolling Stone magazine writes,

Alicia Keys doles out a mix of motivation and gratitude on her new song, “Good Job”…

“…“You’re doing a good job,” Keys sings during the chorus, “Don’t get too down/The world needs you now/Know that you matter.

“… The track was meant to pay tribute to unsung and overlooked everyday heroes in Keys’ life and beyond, although its message obviously resonates even more amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Whether you’re on the front lines at the hospitals, balancing work, family, and homeschool teaching, delivering mail, packages, or food, or facing other personal difficulties because of COVID-19, I feel you,” Keys said in the statement. “You are seen, loved, and deeply appreciated.”

We’re Meeting Online!

Dear Families,

Our school is now starting to offer opportunities for students to meet and share their thinking online using Google Hangouts Meet. On Friday, students and I met to share writing. Students shared poetry, informational writing, and talked about ideas for fiction writing. It was wonderful to hear each others’ voices and see each others’ faces as we talked about writing together!


This week, students are again invited to attend an online writing share. There are two sessions; if students can’t come to one, then the other time offers them another chance. Please try to come to one time. Sessions will last about 20-30 minutes.

Families, please take a moment and review Mrs. Jordan’s guidelines for families and Google Hangouts Meet. These guidelines allow us to continue to use this platform while respecting students’ privacy rights.

Click here to read Mrs. Jordan’s guidelines for families and Google Hangouts Meets.

Click here to read our student guidelines using Google Hangouts Meet.
Google Hangout Meets Writing Shares:

  • 11:30 on Tuesday
  • 9:00 on Friday.

Students can come to share something they have been working on writing, or they can come just to listen and support other writers.

Students will find the link on our Google classroom.

In case you need it, here is a short, helpful video for parents and students about the program we’ll be using to see and hear each other. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Books in the Mail


Dear Families,

Last week many students received a mailing with a book from the school. Our school had a small supply of books to give to students, and we will use these books for our reading work for the next weeks.

My reading students received a copy of The Losers Club by Andrew Clements. You also received some graphic organizers for reference.  We will use those graphic organizers in our work.  Students can type in the online forms I will send with their assignments, or they can sketch out their own copies of the forms on paper and attach pictures of the pages when they turn in their work.

I am asking students to take a moment to locate the book and papers today so that they have them ready for their reading work tomorrow.  Families, thank you for all the ways you are supporting your students and their learning.  We really can’t do this without you, and we know that this is also a lot of extra work on you at this time.  Thank you for all the ways you help and care.


Online Learning: Resources for Families

Hello Families,

Hopefully you aren’t feeling like this…

but if you are, maybe we can help.

Here are two resources to help you with online learning:
Handing in Work on Google Classroom

So that teachers and Mrs. Jordan can easily see that students are participating in their learning, we ask students to hand in their work through Google classroom. They will have opportunities to practice this in last Friday’s and this Tuesday’s morning meetings.

If students need to review Mrs. Lee’s video teaching them to do this, here it is:

Mrs. Lee’s Video to Turn In Work
Tech. Support for Families

Our school tech. team created a form that Waterville families can fill out to request tech support.
When the form is filled out, it will notify every member of the team and they will get the problem resolved as quickly as possible, or direct families to resources that can help them solve their issue.

Finally, here is our district’s acceptable use policy with regard to online learning:

And as always, I am here to help! You can always email me with questions.

Can I ask your advice?

Dear Families,

You are amazing. You are doing your best at this very hard time. Thank you for all the ways you are keeping your family safe and well.

Everyone’s needs are different, and our needs can change from day to day.

One parent had a great suggestion: She asked me to post our assignments for the week ahead, so she could help her child keep track. What a great idea! I will do my best to get the assignments sent out to you.

Yes, we offer online learning to help your students keep growing. We also try to offer a sense of normalcy, structure, and connection.  Like you, we are trying our best.

Can I ask your advice?

I am wondering – How can I best support you, as families, at this time? What do you need? Am I contacting you too much? Not enough? Do you need help in some way? Or is everything going okay?

If you have time and would like to share your advice, please send me an email at It’s up to you – no pressure, if you are already stressed.  Even one quick line would be great. I just want to know how best to support you and your students. Stay well, and thank you for all you do.




What Will My Child Have to Do Next Week?

Hi Families,

Many of you may be wondering what next week will look like for your child’s learning. Here is an overview of fifth-graders’ plan for the week. The week’s overview will go up on Google classroom by Monday, and each day’s assignments will go up on a daily basis.

Weekly Learning Plan

We understand that some of your children share devices with siblings, some help out at home in many ways, and some have enjoyed the freedom of choosing their own learning these past weeks.  For many parents, these past few weeks have felt like an impossible challenge – having to work, parent, and teach all at once. Thank you for all you are doing to keep everyone safe and well at this time. While these are our school’s learning expectations, Mrs. Jordan has asked that families just do the best they can to get the assignments done.

Keep in touch with me, and thank you for all the emails, messages, and conversations to help get this all figured out. I am here to support you and your student.  If you or your child run into difficulties, reach out. Let me know how I can best support you.